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Hydra-Capsule Limited is recognized as leading supplier of heavy duty hydraulic jacks worldwide. We have over one hundred different models within our range. Such as, pad jacks (low height jack), low profile jacks, hollow ram, lock nut, toe jacks, pull hydraulic cylinders and many more models so were sure you'll find the right hydraulic jack to suit your application. Our staff provide a friendly and professional sales service to all our customers gained from over twenty-two years of practical experience supplying specialist jacking equipment for sale to the construction industry.


Our modular hydraulic jacking systems are fully inter-changeable with other standard components supplied by Hydra-Capsule. Such as, hand, air, electric driven, or diesel operated hydraulic pumps, hoses, manifolds and in-line pressure gauges or transducers. This gives the flexibility to connect groups of hydraulic jacks together which in turn provides very high capacities; this technique is nominally used for structural heavy lifting and moving/sliding operations.

We also stock a large range of hydraulic pumps and control systems, ranging from basic single pump- jack set-ups to more complex multiple electronic control and structural monitoring systems.

Other products/services include; specialist hydraulic cylinders design and manufacturing, bar lifting units, grout filled flat jacks, grout bags, structural monitoring systems, temporary propping systems and heavy lifting equipment /gear suppliers.

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